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May 25 2010

May 19 2010

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jobsuche für akademiker. für manche zumindest.
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May 17 2010

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Get rid of headaches
The recent eruption in Iceland caused lots of headaches throughout Europe.
End them with Aspirin.
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May 07 2010

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April 29 2010

April 27 2010

"The :60 TV spots, directed and produced by Honest for Nike’s 2006 Joga Bonito campaign, was created with the intent of prompting web users to generate their own video segment and submit it to the world’s longest soccer chain."
Great idea!
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April 25 2010

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We all love it ..

April 22 2010

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Google Chrome Ads (BBH London)

April 20 2010

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FedEx Express
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Facebook found a space for people who think in a certain way. It's called Ireland. Ireland. Innovation comes naturally.
(Advertising Agency: McConnells, Dublin, Ireland).

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April 16 2010

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Be Stupid.

April 08 2010

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Creativity is all about how many rules you can forget about
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April 07 2010

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April 03 2010

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March 31 2010

The Big Ideal on Vimeo
Volkswagen Fox Campaign from AlmapBBDO Brazil via Creative Review - VW Fox from the inside-out
Volkswagen Fox Campaign from AlmapBBDO Brazil via Creative Review - VW Fox from the inside-out
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